ICSOB 2014 - The 5th International Conference on Software Business

Conference Schedule

09:00-09:30Conference OpeningRegistrationPanel discussion
09:30-10:00Keynote 1: "Is there anything that isn't software?"
Mike Hinchey, Lero-the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre
Keynote 2: "What other industries could learn from games industry"
KooPee Hiltunen, Neogames Finland
10:30-11:00Coffee BreakCoffee Break and PostersCoffee Break
11:00-11:30Session 1Session 5Session 7: Industry Session & Short Papers
13:00-13:30Lunch (not included)
13:30-14:00Session 2Session 6
15:00:15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:00Session 3
16:00-16:30Half Day Excursion & Conference Dinner
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-18:00Session 4
Doctoral symposium (17:30 - 18:30)
19:30-20:00Welcome Reception

Preliminary Session Program

Session 1: Strategic Aspects Chair: Pasi Tyrvainen
Exploring the Relationship between Partnership Model Participation and Interfirm Network Structure: An Analysis of the Office365 Ecosystem Joey Van Angeren, Slinger Jansen and Sjaak Brinkkemper
Ecosystem-Driven Software Development: A case study on the emerging challenges in inter-organizational R&D Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch
Why early-stage software startups fail: a behavioral framework Carmine Giardino, Xiaofeng Wang and Pekka Abrahamsson

Session 2: Startups and Software Business Chair: Sjaak Brinkkemper
A Comparative Perspective between Investors and Businesses regarding Success Factors of E-Ventures at an Early-Stage Tim Taraba, Martin Mikusz and Georg Herzwurm
From Agile Software Development to Mercury Business Janne Järvinen, Tua Huomo, Tommi Mikkonen and Pasi Tyrväinen
The role of business model and its elements in computer game start-ups Erno Vanhala and Jussi Kasurinen

Session 3: Products and Service Business Chair: Barry Floyd
Following the Money: Revenue Stream Constituents in Case of Within-firm Variation Matti Saarikallio and Pasi Tyrväinen
Defining the Process of Acquiring Product Software Firms Jasper Schenkhuizen, Robert Van Langerak, Slinger Jansen and Karl Michael Popp
Productization of an IT Service firm Kadri Guvendiren, Sjaak Brinkkemper and Slinger Jansen

Session 4: Software Development Chair: Slinger Jansen
Software Development as a Decision-Oriented Process Jarkko Hyysalo, Markus Kelanti, Jari Lehto, Pasi Kuvaja and Markku Oivo
Automated User Interaction Analysis for Workflow-Based Web Portals Emil Backlund, Mikael Bolle, Matthias Tichy, Helena Holmström Olsson and Jan Bosch
Orchestrate Your Platform: Architectural Challenges for Different Types of Ecosystems for Mobile Devices Herman Hartmann and Jan Bosch

Session 5: Ecosystems Chair: Eetu Luoma
ESAO: A Holistic Ecosystem-Driven Analysis Model Jan Bosch and Petra Bosch-Sijtsema
KPIs for Software Ecosystems: A Systematic Mapping Study Farnaz Fotrousi, Samuel Fricker, Markus Fiedler and Franck Le-Gall
Evaluating the Governance Model of Hardware-Centric Software Ecosystems - A Case Study of the Axis Ecosystem Krzysztof Wnuk, Konstantinos Manikas, Per Runeson, Matilda Lantz, Oskar Weijden and Hussan Munir

Session 6: Platforms and Enterprises Chair: Krzysztof Wnuk
App Store Models for Enterprise Software: A Comparative Case Study of Public versus Internal Enterprise App Stores Stefan Wenzel
Impact of cloud computing technologies on pricing models of software firms – Insights from Finland Gabriella Laatikainen and Eetu Luoma
What Influences Platform Provider’s Degree of Openness? – Measuring and Analyzing the Degree of Platform Openness Anisa Stefi, Matthias Berger and Thomas Hess

Session 7: Industry session & short papers Chair: Georg Herzwurm
Observed effects of free software on software development and requirements management David Callele and Krzysztof Wnuk
Be ready for the future: how mechatronic firms address the Industry 4.0 challenge in software development Stefano Rizzo
Analytical Open Innovation for Value-Optimized Service Portfolio Planning (research paper) Maleknaz Nayebi and Guenther Ruhe
The preliminary results from the software product management state-of-practice survey Andrey Maglyas and Samuel Fricker
Alignment Issues in chains of Scrum teams Jan Vlietland and Hans Van Vliet

Panel discussion
Shortening the time-to-market - from short cycle times to continuous value delivery (Tiziana Margaria, Jan Bosch, Michael Cusumano, Slinger Jansen, Co-Chaired by Eetu Luoma and Krzysztof Wnuk)

Poster presentation
Tiago Amorim, Adeline Silva, Martin Becker and Samuel Fricker. PuLSE-SECO: A scoping approach for Software Ecosystems







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